Moon of Mine


Oh moon of mine

How sweet your smile

Only for me

On how happy!

No one to see

No one to know

Our love for each other

Though you care for all!

No one can smile

So sweet and long

You are the one

You are the only one!

And when I’d sung

You stayed still and hung

Above the mountains

You listened and danced

Till my heart’s content

Endearing and lovely

You are the beauty

Of the galaxy

You share the pain

And the joy, with me!

You are the loyal

Friend of eternity

You shine my path

In the dark mountain

You soothe my heart

When I’m in pain

Can any one

See any thing

More beautiful than you!

I wait for you

In time of waning

In could nights

In stormy skies,

You have to be

In my existence

What’s life without

My moon?!

I will not exchange

The world’s treasure

For just half of you

Shining beauty

Stay forever and ever

In the vast sky ...

The world loves you

And I love you

Thank you for being

The best of friends!

I love you, Moon.

I love you, Moon!

I love you forever

My moon.







The poetry of this beautiful song was written by world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual teacher, & artist Supreme Master Ching Hai.

 It was set to music by Oscar & 5-time Emmy winner Bill Conti







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